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August 2, 2008 - Laura Chrisp wins the Home Free House Giveaway!

There were almost 200 people with keys, but only Laura Chrisp's key unlocked the front door to the brand new Skaggs Builder home. It was part of White River Broadcasting's Home Free promotion.

Chrisp was the first to make it to the final round and the first to try her key in the front door. At first the door didn't open, but after some assistance the door knob turned and Chrisp walked into the $150,000 home in the Lincoln in Woodland Park sub-division.

Chrisp says she has never owned a home before and was shocked to win.

"Sweepstakes, when I was younger, I used to try and fill them out all the time, but I just started throwing them away because I could never win anything," said Chrisp.

She had to be talked into entering the Home Free contest and while listening to 104.9 The River decided to stop by one of the key stops to enter.

Chrisp says she plans on spending the next couple of days with friends and family packing and moving.

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